"I spend too much time with my customers"

"My customers take up a lot of my time."

"I'm always answering questions like..."

  • "How much am I allowed for that item?"
  • "When do I have to have that ordered?"
  • "Why didn't anyone show up for work today? Why has the work stopped?"
  • "When will this be finished?"
  • "Is it too late to change my mind? When do I have to decide?"
"The worst part is invoicing. I'm just trying to get paid for what I've done, and every time it's..."
  • "Why is this invoice more than it should be?"
  • "I don't remember you telling me that was going to cost more."
  • "That's not what I ordered. I'm not going to pay for it."

"There's got to be a better way."

There is a better way. It's called SmartContractor.

With SmartContractor you can quickly and easily create a detailed and accurate job estimate, and print out a contract.

As part of your customer's pre-job information package, you can give them...

  • A Job Schedule.
  • An Allowance Schedule to list the allowance amount for each allowance item, the date on which each allowance item must be ordered (including lead time) to be received in time for scheduled installation.
  • A Draw Schedule to show when payments are due and how much each payment will be based on completion of the work according to the job schedule.

Once you sign a contract, any changes to the estimate can be easily tracked with change orders.

When you create an invoice, the invoice automatically incorporates actual cost of allowance items, and appends all change orders associated with the invoice items.

You can also print out an Allowance Variance Report to show your customer the differences between their allowances and what they selected.

You can also print out a customer selection listing to show all of the items (allowance or not) that the customer specified in the contract.

You can print out the job schedule that is automatically updated to reflect any change orders, so your customer can see where you are in

It's all there in black and white. Here's the contract, here are the products and materials you selected, and here are the change orders you signed for. Now what else would you like to talk about?

And to make it easier for your customers to have access to all this information, SmartContractor can automatically generate and upload a private website for each of your customers so that they can have access to all of their current job information on the internet any time of day or night.

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