"I want a more balanced life again."

"I think back on what life was like when I started worked construction, before I owned my own business. I thought my boss had it all. A wife, a family, his own business. That's want I wanted.

Now that I have it all too, I still want it, but not the way it is. I want to be able to spend some time with my family, to see my kids grow up, to have time to play sports with them, to get a little romance back in my relationship with my wife.

Maybe even have time to drink a beer and watch a game with my buddies again.

And I want less stress. When I'm not working, I want to be able to be there for my family, and enjoy the time when I do take any off.

Thinking about it makes me kind of sad. So I don't think about it, I just keep working a little harder, thinking someday, I'll get there."

We know what that's about. This is why we make SmartContractor.

Boy, do we know what you're talking about... we've been there and done that. And because we feel for you, that's why we're here working on SmartContractor, to make it better, so that it can make your life better.

If you have any doubts about SmartContractor, don't worry, you don't have to take any leap of faith.

We give you every opportunity to try SmartContractor free, for as long as you need to decide that it is right for you.

And we give you personal, one-on-one training and support to get it up and running in your company - before you pay for it.

Our relationship with our users is like a family - we're here for you. We've got you covered.

Take a breath. Relax. We'll get you through it.

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