General Features

General Basic Pro Complete
Data In Database
-Not Separate Documents
MS Office NOT Required
Multi-User, Networkable
Desktop or Web Based
Mobile Operation
Data Management:
  - Automatic Data Backup
  - Data Archiving & Retrieval
Help Documentation
  - Training Videos
  - Context Sensitive Help
Training & Support

Estimating Basic Pro Complete
Flexible Item Cross Referencing
  - Assembly Heirarchy Tree
  - By Job Phase
  - By Job Section
  - By CSI Classification
Import Estimate Data From:
  - Excel
  - CAD Systems
  - e-Takeoff Systems
  - Dedicated Estimating Systems
  - Vendor Price Data
  - RSMeans Cost Data*
Job Options & Alternatives
Allowance Management
Change Orders

Customer Resource Management (CRM) Basic Pro Complete
  Lead Tracking
  Contact Management
  Appointment Scheduling
  Marketing Analysis
Project Management Basic Pro Complete
  Document Management
  Schedule Resource Leveling
  Notes & Reminders


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