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Construction Invoicing

SmartContractor allows you to automatically generate invoices and AIA G702/G703 Payment Applications with no additional data entry. All data for invoices and AIA Payment Applications come from data in the job estimate (for Fixed Sum contract work), and from your actual job costs (for cost plus and time and materials contract work).

Invoices can be printed in a standard pre-formatted invoice form, or in a customized "draw request" document, or as a industry standard AIA G703/703 payment application (schedule of values) form.

All forms of invoices can be printed or emailed.

SmartContractor automatically writes your invoices to your QuickBooks database.

Learn more about invoicing...


Construction Transmittals/Submittals

If your construction company does any commercial construction projects, you know about the need for using transmittals.

Transmittals are communications that you send to any or all parties involved in a construction project, including owners, project managers, engineers, architects, inspectors, and local government permitting agencies, etc.

There are two important reasons to use transmittals:

  • One is as a means of keeping track of the communications sent and received between the parties involved in a construction project so as to make sure nothing "falls through the cracks" in the complicated communication process.
  • The other is to maintain a record of all communications sent and received in case it is necessary to refer to that record for any reason, such as legal disputes or liability. Learn more about Transmittals...


Construction Materials and Products Inventory Management

SmartContractor allows you to manage and automatically track your inventory of construction materials and products. Learn more about Construction Materials and Products Inventory Management...


Integrated Offsite Data Backup

SmartContractor comes with integrated data backup features. You can automatically backup your SmartContractor data to any hard drive on any hard drive on your network, and you can optionally have your backed up data uploaded to our server for secure offsite backup. Storing your backed up data offsite protects you against data loss in the event of a fire or natural disaster in your business location.


Web Access To Customer Job Information

SmartContractor allows you to automatically upload all job related data to a private (password protected) customer portal on your website so your customers can have access to their construction project information 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The information customers can have access to includes:

Job Schedule

  • Allowance Schedule
  • Draw Schedule
  • Job Contract
  • Customer Selections
  • Change Orders
  • Updated Job Schedule
  • Invoices
  • Job Site Photos
  • Job Accounting
  • Plans
  • Construction Materials Specification Data
  • Links To Other Websites
  • ... Or any computer files you wish to share with your customers



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