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Patrick Hughley

I think you guys have a truly great product.  I’m impressed with it and the level of support I’m getting.  I’m so glad that I found you guys.  (I kissed a lot of frogs before I found you!)


Patrick Hughley


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AIA Documents and Construction Proposal Templates

SmartContractor Documents

Smart Contractor Documents are job-related documents, like a construction proposal template or a construction estimate template, that are generated by SmartContractor for your customer. Automatically generate custom job proposals and contracts from merge documents that combine boilerplate text with job estimate and customer data.

SmartContractor comes with all of the following merge document templates:

All merge documents can be customized in an integrated Microsoft-Word-compatible word processor. MS Word is not required.

You can copy and paste your existing Word documents (if you've already created your own custom construction document templates) into Smart Contractor's word processor, and then let SmartContractor automatically merge customer and job data.

You can export SmartContractor merged documents to RTF files, which can be edited in MS Word, or WordPad.

  • Print your company's logo and letterhead on all documents.
  • Merge any data: job, customer, and company data.
  • Customer documents, reports, schedules can be printed, emailed, or posted to the web for customer access 24/7.

External Documents

Smart Contractor allows you to easily link to any file or document stored anywhere on your computer, your network, or the internet.

  • Store and access links to job-related documents in one place!
  • Upload any and all documents or internet links to your customers' personal web-based job information portal.

SmartContractor Transmittals

SmartContractor's includes an integrated Transmittal system that allows you to...

  • Generate Transmittals, Submittals, and RFI's based on third party contact information in the SmartContractor database.
  • Print or email Transmittals, Submittals, and RFI's.
  • Track responses to Submittals and RFI's.
  • Automatically alert overdue Submittals and RFI's .

Please see SmartContractor Transmittals to learn more.

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