Construction Contractor CRM Software

SmartContractor provides integrated construction contractor job lead tracking and construction contractor contact management, or CRM (Customer Relationship Management).


The construction contractor CRM function in SmartContractor is not a standalone module; it's better: the construction contractor CRM function is neatly integrated into the system, so there is no duplication of data entry.

Because all aspects of SmartContractor are integrated, your construction lead and customer contact information is always available when you're estimating a job, or working on a QuickBooks invoice or whether you're in your office or out at a job site.

You can enter any amount of information about prospective jobs, including contact information, job estimates, proposals and contracts, attached documents, images, web links, or other important information. When a contract is signed and a lead becomes a customer, all of that information is right there in SmartContractor and automatically becomes part of the job. Simply change the status of the job from "Lead" to "Contract Signed," and all of the information you entered for the lead is still attached and accessible under that job.

Enter and Track Job Leads

Enter and track construction contractor job leads, and information about all of your communication with your job leads and customers.

Schedule Appointments

Manage your relationship with customers by keeping track of job estimate appointments or other important meetings. Easily print the schedule of appointments for each sales rep.

Track Follow-Ups

The system "dashboard" always provides a bird's eye view of sales leads and customers who are scheduled for follow-up. Recording when a follow-up is necessary makes it easy to manage relationships with customers and stay ahead of the game.

Sales Analysis Reporting

SmartContractor allows you to report valuable sales management information, such as the percentage of sales closed by sales rep, lead source, or the average ratio of gross margin to contract amount by sales rep and lead source.



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