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Jerad Little

"I can't believe I've come all the way back to SmartContractor. I've spent the last year looking at 10 other construction software systems, and SmartContractor is the easiest to use, and has the most functionality for the price."

Jerad Little
J L Developments
Saskatchewan Canada

Construction Invoicing

Construction Invoicing

Smart Contractor makes invoicing your customers easy!

Here's how it works...

All of the job item data is already in your estimate. All you have to do is select the items to invoice. You can select items by...

  • Item completion status
  • Percentage of job total
  • Percentage of individual job items
  • Job Section
  • Cost Category (materials, labor, subcontract, equipment, other)
  • Job Phase
  • Item Assembly
  • Estimated cost (for fixed sum contracts), or Actual cost (for time and materials or cost plus contracts)

If the job is a fixed sum contract, the program automatically invoices estimated amount for each item - except for allowance items, which are invoiced for actual costs (plus markup).

If the job is a cost plus or time and materials contract, the program automatically invoices the actual cost for each item (plus markup).

Then all you do is determine how much of the deposit to apply to the invoice, and you're done.

Invoices can be printed in as a standard pre-formatted invoice, or in a customized draw request document, or as a industry standard AIA G703/703 payment application (schedule of values) form.

All forms of invoices can be printed or emailed.

And because SmartContractor integrates with Quickbooks, it automatically writes invoices to your QuickBooks database.


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