Sample Reports and Documents

The following are examples of business management forms generated by SmartContractor:

The following are examples of some of the management reports generated by SmartContractor:

The following are examples of customer documents generated by SmartContractor.

SmartContractor comes with all of the above merge document templates. You can customize any of these, and you can add any number of your own merge documents.

All merge documents can be edited and customized in SmartContractor's integrated Word compatible word processor (Word is not required.)

Or, you can copy and paste your existing Word documents into SmartContractor's word processor, and then let SmartContractor automatically merge customer and job data.

You can also export any of the SmartContractor merged documents to RTF files which you can edit in Word, or WordPad.

SmartContractor merge documents:

  • Prints your company's logo and letterhead on all documents.
  • Merge any data: job, customer, and company data.
  • Customer documents, reports, schedules can be printed, emailed, or posted to the web for customer access 24/7.

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