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Patrick Hughley

I think you guys have a truly great product.  I’m impressed with it and the level of support I’m getting.  I’m so glad that I found you guys.  (I kissed a lot of frogs before I found you!)


Patrick Hughley


Heartwood Design, Inc.

131 Heartwood Circle

Afton, Virginia

Is SmartContractor Right For Me?

We've been in this business a long time, and we know from experience who is right for SmartContractor, and whether it will be right for you. Here's an easy way to decide if SmartContractor is right for your business needs.

Your Company Profile

  • You are either a general contractor or a subcontractor.
  • You do mostly residential construction and remodeling or landscaping, but also some small commercial construction and remodeling or landscaping.
  • You have at least one full time office staff (office manager, bookkeeper).

Your Current Software Tools

  • For estimating, you are using:
    • Excel spreadsheets, or a standalone estimating system like Accubid, ClearEstimates, ProEst, etc., or
    • CAD design systems like Xactimate, or AutoCad, CadSoft, Chief Architect, SoftPlan, etc., or
    • Electronic takeoff systems like eTakeoff, OnCenter, PlanSwift, CadEstimator, etc.
  • You're using MS Word to prepare proposals, contracts and other customer documents.
  • You're using QuickBooks to enter and pay bills, generate invoices, bank reconciliation, payroll, track job costs, and provide financial reporting and accounting.
  • If you have employees, you are using manual time sheets, or an automated time tracking system like ExakTime.
  • If you do scheduling (with anything more than a white board) you may be using MS Project, or  a computerized calendar (Outlook), etc.
  • If you use purchase orders, you're doing them manually (in Excel or MS Word).
  • If you request price quotes, you're doing that manually - by phone, or typing emails, then manually entering the quoted prices.
  • If you use contracts for your subcontractors, you're doing that manually in MS Word.
  • If you use work orders for your employees, you're doing that manually.
  • To do "document management" you create another folder for each job and put all of your  files in folders


  • You may be using UDA ConstructionSuite and you have discovered that it has not lived up to your expectations.

Your Business Needs

  • You have grown to the point where your current software tools are not sufficient, mainly because of their lack of integration.
  • You are entering the same data multiple times in different ways in different programs.
  • The data reflected in each of your software programs does not always agree.
  • You need more integration, more construction specific functionality, more efficiency, better project management, job costing, etc. but you don't have the budget for a Timberline, or MasterBuilder, or Foundation Software.

Look No Further!

If your company matches half or more of the criteria listed above, then you do not need not look further than SmartContractor.

If you would like to see how SmartContractor easily solves all of your needs, please let us show you. Download the demo version of the program, watch the training videos, or request a live demonstration today!

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